InTouch Telemedicine

The covid-19 pandemic has made access to primary care even more difficult. 
Our Telemedicine Only Membership gives you direct access to the same doctor with a click of a button for only $250 a Year. Telemedicine visits are available to children and adults in Texas. 

While health conditions can be addressed with video visits, an in-person visit is always preferred. If you already have a Primary Care Physician, I encourage you to contact their office.
If you are experiencing a serious or life-threatening medical emergency, please call 911.

Visits are not reimbursed by insurance plans and payments will be made via credit or debit card.


$ 250 Per Year
  • 4 visits in one year
  • 15-minute consultation for acute conditions via video.

    Appointments that last longer will count as an additional visit.
  • Follow up with the same doctor every time.
  • Add on visits within the year for $40 per visit (if needed)

Telemedicine takes care of non-emergent clinical conditions such as:

Respitory Infections


Ear Pain

Throat Pain

Runny Nose

Skin Infections



And Much More!

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Medicare Patients

Currently we do not bill Medicare in this practice and unfortunately, due to federal regulations patients who are eligible for Medicare, are not able to join as members. We expect that this will change in the future. If you have Medicare and would like to become a patient, please send us an email to be added to our waiting list.

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