InTouch Primary Care Membership

Experience Health Care with our Personal Touch

Membership Plan

Well suited for you regardless of insurance status if you:
Live in the Houston metro area and desire easily accessible and convenient primary care services

Experience our low-volume, high quality, personalized primary care

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Telemedicine Only Plan

Well suited for you regardless of insurance status if you:
Live in Texas but outside the Houston metro area and desire direct access to a trusted doctor with a click of a button

Follow up with the same doctor every time

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Visitor Services

Well suited for you if you are visiting for a few days or a few months:
Visiting the Houston metro area and would like to easily and conveniently see a trusted doctor

Enjoy flexible access to a trusted physician

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Some Examples Of Our Services:

Chronic Disease Management

We provide detailed assessments and comprehensive treatments of conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid disease and much more.

Physical Exams

Screening available for Blood Pressure, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid, Vitamin deficiency, Osteoporosis, and more.

Women's Health

We offer comprehensive women’s health services including pap smears, pelvic exams, contraception management, testing, and screenings.

Men's Health

Providing services for men’s sexual health and screening for prostate cancer.


Providing high quality pediatric services to children starting from 5 and up.

Vision Screening

We provide vision screening looking for abnormalities, and the red reflex of each eye.

STI Screening

Treating STIs can reduce various complications that can develop without symptoms.


We offer personalized targeted weight loss treatment for obesity and patients requiring help retaining a required BMI.

Pre-operative Assessments

Identifying any co-morbidities that may lead to patient complications during the anesthetic, surgical, or post-operative period.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

We offer serum allergy testing when appropriate and provide various allergy treatments including allergy immunotherapy with allergy drops.

Acute Care

Respiratory infections including COVID-19, cough, ear pain, throat pain, runny nose, skin infections, UTIs, Vaginitis and much more.

In Office Testing and Minor Procedures

Point of care testing, skin lesion excision or treatments, ear wax removal, EKG, abscess incision and drainage and more.