Enjoy easy access to convenient, personalized care.  Experience un-rushed appointments with detailed evaluation that is lifestyle and prevention-focused. Connect to our simplified model of care that has helped so many stay healthier and spend less on healthcare. 

Direct Care at InTouch Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a well-established model of care that allows you to have a direct, personalized relationship with your doctor.  As a patient in our practice, you are a member and your low monthly fee covers all visits, communications with the practice, and coordination of your care.  No long waits for appointments, no hassles, and health insurance is not required. This approach allows easy access, significant cost savings, and higher quality care. 

Unlimited Appointments

We never charge a co-pay nor have hidden fees. We offer timely, easy-to-schedule, un-rushed appointments and encourage you to see us as often as you need.

Never Worry About Losing Your Doctor Again

You never have to worry about switching your doctor because of changes in your insurance or insurance status. Enjoy a long lasting relationship with your doctor with convenient and personalized care.

Large Savings On Labs

As a member you have access to very low cost lab testing. We have worked with local labs so you will know exactly what you are going to pay.

In Texas but not in the Houston area?

Is Direct Primary Care Right for Me?

Get High Quality Primary Care
Become a member of our practice to get easy access, consistent, high quality care without copays or deductibles.

Insurance Covers Everything Else
Use insurance as normal for labs, testing, medications, specialists, and hospital-based care.

Lower Your Out of Pocket Costs
If you have a high deductible plan, reserve insurance for major issues and save 90% with our at-cost pricing on labs and testing.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing
Become a member of our practice and get unlimited primary care, $0 office visits, and no surprise charges.

Get Help Navigating the System
Utilize our cash pay resources (ex. specialists, testing) while enjoying personal and convenient care.

Catastrophic Care Options
We can recommend plans that pair well with our membership for major medical expenses, or signup for a catastrophic insurance plan.
Medicare beneficiaries can have convenient access to their own physician to coordinate their care when they need it most—as they age and need more healthcare services. Consistently, data shows that patients in DPC practices have fewer hospital days, ER visits, specialty visits, advanced imaging and unnecessary surgeries. They also spend more time with their doctor and report high levels of satisfaction with their experience in the health care system. If you have Medicare and would like to become a patient, you cannot bill or attempt to obtain reimbursement from Medicare services received at our clinic. You can continue to use your Medicare coverage for all other care received outside our clinic including those ordered by our physician.

Who Is Dr. Ashaye?

Hello, I am Dr. Ashaye. I believe seeing your doctor should be simple and convenient. With the current health system today, people are forced to get care from so many different places. So, they may forget how nice it is to have their own personal doctor – one that knows them well and is there when needed.

InTouch Primary Care fosters this kind of relationship, making all the difference in how you receive care and on your health.

Hear From Our Amazing Patients

Tenisha Rasul
Tenisha Rasul
Folu Kehinde
Folu Kehinde
Dr. Ashaye painstakingly did a thorough and comprehensive examination for over one hour. She explained her findings and health implications in lay man's language. She is very professional and dedicated. She is humane and meticulous in her probes. She took time to listen before drawing conclusions. I will recommend her any day.
Bianca Powers
Bianca Powers
Dr. Ashaye was super attentive, thorough and friendly! She really takes the time to get to know you and listen to your concerns. I am looking forward to continuing to see her as my physician. Her Direct Care program is also something that I really appreciate. Thank you so much!
Oluwatoyin Adegbuji
Oluwatoyin Adegbuji
I made a quick and easy appointment for my mom and took her in today. Dr. Ashaye was very patient and thorough with her assessments and took her time to explain her recommendations. The atmosphere in the clinic is very welcoming. We will definitely be returning for follow up visits with Intouch Primary Care. Thank you Dr. Ashaye.
Olufemi Aluko
Olufemi Aluko
Dr. Ashaye is excellent.
Venisha Williams
Venisha Williams
Dr. Ashaye has THE BEST service. She does not rush and actually listens to her patients. She strives to find a solution that works. The office is pleasant and comfortable. Love, love, love her!
Mary Gregory
Mary Gregory
Dr. Ashaye is awesome. I am so glad I decided to go to her. The office staff is friendly and she is very attentive and thorough.
Lucia Guzman
Lucia Guzman
Very pleasant experience. I love Dr. Ashaye! She listened to everything I had to say, and I feel that she really enjoys what she does. Very clean facility! I’m very satisfied with my experience, and I’m looking forward to her taking care of me now and in the future!
Douglas Hoffman
Douglas Hoffman
There are not enough stars to give on this review. Dr Ashaye has been phenomenal with her level of care. I was able to be seen same day and from the moment I walked in the doors I was taken care of with genuine care and concern for my well being. I was heard and all of my questions and concerns were answered with genuine care and the best solution to my issues. I have even been checked on multiple times after visit to check on my status and how I’ve been feeling. I can go on all day about how great this facility is and Dr Ashaye.
oluseye ogunsina
oluseye ogunsina
i was welcomed with a big smile by Dr Ashaye herself and she spent quality time talking me through every of my questions carefully . This is a world class service at a very affordable price. This is healthcare at its best.. I am highly impressed!

Let’s Partner Together In Your Health

($998 value included with your initial sign up)

Medication Analysis & Cost Reduction Review
($199 value)

Let’s review the medications you are currently taking; we want to make sure that they are necessary and that you are getting the best price.

60-minute Health & Wellness Initial Consultation
($250 value)

Tell us your GOALS, we will LISTEN to you and get a clear picture of your current health and what you want to achieve in your overall health.

Medical History
($199 value)

We will review your current and past medical records and document your health history going forward. This will provide us with a clear picture of the past so we can best serve your future needs.

Comprehensive Health Exam & Lab Screening
($350+ value)

This allows us to create a comprehensive preventative plan that keeps you healthy and living your best life.